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 If you foil, then you know the social media account Foil the World. It was the first account I ever saw post progressive clips and really put a pinpoint on where the foil scene was heading. The account even reached into our community of wakeboarders and lake goers which is where my background stems from. Being a professional wakeboarder, I live on a lake and spend a lot of time out training on our wakeboard boats but foiling has become this other watersport addiction in my life. Thankfully I have the resources to fuel that addiction.

 It’s funny knowing FTW, but not Brian (Finch), so it was a real pleasure to link up with him. With Brian recently moving from Hawaii to Florida, and the partnership between Liquid Force and Freedom Foil Boards, it was a no brainer to get together for a session. I was timid when asked to line up this shoot due to a couple factors: one, not being a local at the beach makes it difficult to track down the best spots to foil. Two, I was bringing Liquid Force photographer Garrett Cortese to shoot foiling in the ocean for the first time (Garrett’s background is in wakeboarding). It felt like a big task, but the foiling community on the Space Coast is so rad and welcoming, they are open to new people coming and frothing out on foiling. Luckily with their help we were able to find a nice spot for a low tide session.  

 Once we pulled up the anxious thoughts vanished, and it was just like any other session. Brian and I were talking shop and I could feel his energy and enthusiasm towards the new Halcyon foils. We got in the water, and I could see where Brian’s background comes from with his Hawaiian surf style and flow. His knowledge and experience showed while foiling in a brand-new spot. He made effortless, fluid, and drawn out turns that pushed the Halcyon 810 to new limits. As someone who is always trying to hone and sharpen their skills, I was taking notes the entire time. As much as I was frothing, I did feel an urge to prove myself and show what I’ve been working on over the past couple of winters. The goal was to catch lots of waves, get as critical as possible in the lip, and power through the turns. I wanted to match Brian’s grace and flow and keep things tight for the photos.  

 Speaking of photos, it was really fun dialing in shots with Garrett. This was the first time I shot photos with Garrett in the ocean which was a big change from shooting on the lake in a controlled environment. Sitting in the lineup, you see your friends foiling past and you think, “dang, that mental screenshot would be an amazing photo”, and now we have the opportunity to really capture it. So, with repositioning Garrett, Brian and I started to dial in a nice rhythm to capture some images. Brian was hooking turns and flaring out his upper body with perfect timing right in front of Garrett and I was trying to get the tips of the foil out and boost an air or two in the right spot.

 Between waves it was fun to talk with Brian about Freedom and the trajectory the brand is on. From starting out with high quality prone boards and now evolving as a key player with their foils and wings, Freedom has been killing it! It’s great to have a guy like Brian help lead the product design and development that keeps the standard high for the brand. I’m stoked because this means that I get to ride really high-quality gear and play a small roll in evolving it. This is the first of many shoots and now it’s time to get Brian to the lake to help tune in his boat skills and let “Two Worlds Collide”.