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 No waves, no wind? Learn to dock start, the cheat code to flat water foiling! Adding this skill to your tool belt opens many doors to the world of foiling. From flat water pumping to wake thieving random boats, to rock starting into a downwind run, foiling opportunities will multiply and evolve by unlocking this popular technique.

 Selecting the proper foil and board is crucial. Smaller boards provide better pumping leverage. Our 2023 Whip is short and low volume, offering great return for your invested pumping efforts and our most popular dock starter. Brady Hurley’s dock start weapon of choice is the WCFC JATO. Keep in mind the thicker and longer your board is, the greater physical effort will be required.

 The larger your front wing & tail, the easier dock starting will be. A medium aspect wing like our Halcyon 1250 & FS 230 stab, offers a low stall speed, requiring less speed leaving the dock to maintain flight while pumping. Use FFB’s silver tail shim to provide even more lift in the tail and ease of pumping.  

A high aspect wing (HA) is more for advanced dock starters and requires a higher takeoff speed and more initial effort maintaining flight. Once up and flying, a HA wing is more efficient, typically takes less energy to maintain glide and pumps at higher speeds.   

Here’s the basics: Grab a large wing like our Halcyon 1250. Hold the board with an offset grip, take 3-5 running steps for speed, keep the foil wing just below the water’s surface, land your back foot first (helps maintain flight/elevation) then explode off your back foot, and pump away!
Note that the higher the dock, the more difficult the start, choose your launch 
accordingly. Watch out for obstacles on top of the dock like rope cleats. Also make sure your wing will pass safely underneath the dock, ensure there is a clear path.  
The dock start is a great skill to possess. It takes time, practice, the correct gear, and a low dock. Don’t give up!  
We want to see your dock starts! Tag us in your videos on Instagram @freedomfoilboards