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With the world famous M2O (Molokai to Oahu) just around the corner, we take a look at the FFB team’s weapon of choice for the event, The Dagger.

A downwind board needs to perform in two key areas; get you foiling and keep you foiling. From day one the Dagger design has always had this target in mind as we are well aware any downwind race is won or lost by the athletes’ ability to stay on foil and pick their line downwind.

Made in the USA
All Daggers are built by artisan board builders at the home of FFB in Southern California with every carbon double-bias layer expertly hand-laid.

TV Tail and Narrower Profile
From first sight, you can see the Dagger is built for speed with a narrower outline that gives you more forward drive with every paddle stroke. Narrow does not have to mean un-stable with the FFB “TV” Tail design. The TV tail is engineered to allow for frictionless flow and release when paddling up onto the foil while maintaining stability with the T-rails at the tail.

Progressive V Chine and Transitional Hull
The Dagger pushes you forward and doesn’t get stuck on the chop with chinned rails that progress from a soft entry belly in the nose to a sharp V in the tail. This progressive design allows for stability at lower speeds and a quick release when speed is increased. A semi-displacement hull in the nose assists with control and slicing through chop at low speeds and quickly transitions to a soft-edge planning hull and finally transitions to a hard-edge planning hull.

Carbon Double Bias
No corners have been cut with the choice of carbon we use. Carbon Double Bias is a high-grade woven carbon with extra fibres running in the longitudinal axis to increase overall stiffness and power transfer to the foil.