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Are you looking to escape the winter blues? Or on the hunt for some warm water and consistent wind?
La Ventana, Mexico is calling!
Last February, the Freedom Team headed south to kick the winter blues, test prototypes and enjoy Mexico. Here are some of our tips to enjoy your time! 

Flying into San Jose del Cabo is the easiest option because there are plenty of rental car options, a hotel at the airport and tons of flights. It is recommended that you make the two-and-a-half-hour trek to La Ventana during the day for safety reasons. La Paz is the other hub, but it’s a bit trickier logistically.

La Ventana is known for consistent wind from November through March. But January and February are typically the strongest months of wind. The wind usually blows from lunch to dusk allowing for relaxing mornings or time to polish off some work before hitting the water. If you are lucky, you could score an El Norte, a stronger than normal north wind that blows through the night. El Norte pumps up the swell and makes for some fun surf foiling breaks at the Boof. Wings from 3 to 6 meters should have you covered in just about any conditions.

In the earlier months of the season, a shorty wetsuit is all you need. In January and February, a 3/2 is typically enough, but on the chillier days you might be wishing you had a 4/3. La Ventana is located in the desert, and it cools off at night. Pack a puffer to keep warm at night, especially if you are planning to enjoy the outdoor nightlife. The food and drinks are amazing. Pongas (fishing boats) bring in fish every day from the Sea of Cortez, and the seafood is top notch. There is a wide variety of accommodations to enjoy whatever you are looking for.

You can’t go wrong spending some time in La Ventana!