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By now you have probably noticed… FFB is on the move! From boards and foils to wind wings and accessories, Freedom has quickly made the leap from a backyard foil board company to what is now a destination for all things foil. Our goal through this process has been simple, we want to continue to deliver a premium line of products that offer a sense of confidence and trust in what we like to call The Freedom Experience. Creating, designing, testing, and refining gear to make this experience is inevitably full of highs and lows. Learning and adapting along the way is truly a cumulative team effort. At Freedom, we are 100% committed to ensuring that by the time an idea hits the shelves, it’s ready to deliver the premium foiling experience that our customers deserve!

As we head into 2023, I couldn’t be more excited to share the ongoing evolution of our foiling gear. With 11 unique board models available in a range of sizes, FFB now has the world’s largest selection of foil boards that are perfectly suited for your favorite discipline of foiling! Whether it’s Downwind SUPing, high-speed Hood River wind wing sessions, endless Parker Strip wakefoil boosts, or soul sessions and banked carves in your local surf spot, FFB has you covered with the perfect board designed to suit your style of flight.

Similar to our expanded board line, we know our Freedom customers deserve options when it comes to finding the perfect foil. One of our very highest priorities continues to be focused on the synchronized connection between your board and the water underneath you. Because of that, we have been tirelessly working on the expansion of our foil line. This ongoing evolution in the development of our range of front wings and stabilizers is focused on finding the perfect combination of performance and efficiency with an expanding array of wings suited to cover a range of skill levels. Stay tuned the Freedom Foil is about to blast off!

 We know there is nothing more freeing than flying over the water and in 2023 whether you’re discovering this newfound feeling for the first time or unlocking the next level of Freedom in this amazing sport, FFB is truly honored and stoked to be by your side ensuring that our gear helps you take your foil game to that next level! 
Everyone deserves to fly with Freedom!
Thanks and Cheers to 2023!