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Brady Hurley and Jason Miller testing out the soon to be released Nugget


Riding in the Hood sure was good…. You’re everything a Big Bad Team could want…Ouwwwwwww!!!

Team Freedom just returned from “The Hood” and to say we were BLOWN away by all that it had to offer would be a massive understatement. It’s not every day when you have the opportunity to bring some of the world’s best talent, mix in a load of new 2023 Freedom gear and sprinkle in some of the best conditions known to wind sports… but that’s exactly what happened as the best of the best landed on the shores of the Columbia River to test out the latest in FFB innovations and soon to be released down-wind weapons.

Brian Finch testing out an upcoming shape

Our mission was simple. Show up… Blow up… and make sure everyone knows FFB is here to pave the path towards the future in foiling! With a load of new High Speed foils to fly, an all-new Wing Specific Boost Board we’re officially calling the Nugget, a range of downwind SUP and Prone Boards, 2 Tom Carroll Pro Models and the release of the much anticipated return of West Coast Foil Club’s Frequent Flyer and J.A.T.O models, the long summer days were barely long enough for us as we flew our brains off from sunrise to sunset.

Brady Hurley riding a soon to be released WCFC Board

With a whole week to spend together there was no shortage of adventures to be had!  From scoring the epic beauty and waves of the Rufus section, to the nuking downwind days at the Hatch, everyone seemed to find their own unique pace and rhythm that was steadily provided from the seemingly endless Hood River wind machine. Sunrise nuclear tow sessions, Brady Hurley sunset shut down rescue missions, nearly running out of gas in a U-Haul truck full of Freedom gear at Lost Lake, late night Coors Light inspired gear, downwind discussions, meditation sessions and life stories with Tom Carroll were just a few of the highlights that made this trip one for the record books.

Tom Carroll on his soon to be realeased Pro Model Board the TC PRO

 Huge thanks to our photo team Bo Bridges (@bobridges) and Quinn Wilson from (@salty_brother) who managed to not only capture the moments of Hood River Bliss, but also inspired all of us to keep action going no matter the time of day or conditions as we all learned together. The Columbia River Gorge always provides!


Kyle Maligro using the 5M Session Wing and riding the Rubix paired with the FFB Air Straps

Massive thanks to all of our amazing team riders who came from all over the globe to inspire and as always lead the way towards the future in foiling.

Team Captain and number 1 influencer, Mr. Brian Finch (@finchkauai)
The master off all things style, Jason Miller (@jason_miller)
The ultimate hero and Jedi Master, Tom Carroll (@thomasvictorcarroll)
The Future of Foil, Brady Hurley (@Brady_Hurley)
The Maestro of Fun, Kyle Maligro (@kylemaligro)
The Diagnostic Detailer, Cole Kawana (@bu_foil)
The Secret Weapon, Robert Carney (@robcarnn)

Until next time Little Red…
– Founder, Chris Sayer

R&D for some upcoming down-wind weapons

Team dinner and some bonding